Simcard cover gets stuck. After rusty screw

I owned my lem 12 pro from january 24 but now have a major problem , the small screw holding on the sim cover has rusted and no screw driver i have can unscrew the cover to change my sim card , its looking like i might have to drill out the old screw as now the watch is useless , i bought the 12 pro for the battery pack addon which is a cool idea, in the mean time i have purchased the kospet prime 2 , which sim wise is better built finally having a normal pin opening option , also the battery life is great as well and the over heating lem12 pro its great to use as its way cooler , plus watching the justice league snider cut fints the screen very well with the app xplayer , but overall great watches and something that apple or samsung cant claim these are real smartwatches .

put a rubber band (or a smal piece of a rubber glove) on the screw head. then press the appropriate screwdriver onto the rubber and loosen the screw. :wink:


Hi peekie. @G1NT0N1C Suggestion should work to remove the screw. I have used this technique on many occasions…but with larger screws than a watch screw…and it works fine. For the size screw in a watch sim cover, I would think a small piece of rubber glove would be the best to try first. As I see it, the problem is caused by sweat (Unless you have got the watch wet in another fashion?) and it will most likely return even if you replace the screw. You are going to need some way to either waterproof the screw itself (Using a dab of nail polish on the screw head, after you have replaced it, would do this…it makes an effective seal but it is still easy to unscrew the screw.) Perhaps using some “Cling” wrap? Place it over the hole and screw down through it to form a slight seal? Anyway, best of luck with getting the screw out and fixing the problem. Cheers, Doons

I ALWAYS use a rubber for a rusty screw.

<------ he went that way

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Just curious did you receive a small screwdriver with the watch? Every watch I have came with a screwdriver to fit that watch.

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The screwdriver that comes with it is super cheap and rounds off the flutes easily.

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It is possible but I have never experienced a problem with the screwdrivers myself, with my many watches and it certainly is better than using one that doesn’t fit properly. I have also observed that not all the screwdrivers that come with the watches are identical. So I make sure to mate the individual drivers to their watch, just like the power cords.

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all of the screwdrivers that has come with my watches are pretty worn down, I think they’re all still working, but I don’t know for how long that will last

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The srew driver that came with the watch is cheap and it rounded the head , no other screw driver ive used works now , probably the only option is a small drill hole into the screw in a hope to be able to get it open , the cover itself is metal which was a suprise for me as it looks like plastic , the screw head is very soft but the remaining part is very day i hope to get the simdraw free , just hope the thread is not screwed .