Seiko Solar Chronograph

My version is a hybrid… Chronometer replaced by month, weekdays and 24 hour gauges.




Congratulations, as always, for your great work. Once more, I’d like to ask you if it would be possible to have this without the external silver ring. My Kospet Hope already has a somewhat thick black bezel in its construction, thus watchfaces with light/metal colored bezels result in a weird overall looking.

Note: I know it’s a specific issue and you can’t make your creations covering all models. That’s why I am just asking, if this won’t cause any trouble.

No matter what, thanks in advance.

Another Excellent Watch Face!

Sorry, can’t do that because as designed the bezel also contains the outer ticks… Is not the Hope 1.6"? Most faces are very easily read on that size watch. (OR, again, buy some reading glasses - Ha, Ha)

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Hahaha. The Hope is 1,39" real screen state but to me it’s more of an aesthetic issue. Anyway, never mind. I meant it as a long shot, fully aware of the “stretch”. Please, do keep amusing us with your great and consistent work.

Where are you located? Perhaps I can customize something amusing for that locality :laughing:

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Sir, no need to bother. Really. You already do plenty for our community. For the sake of camaraderie you may reckon having a friend in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cheers.