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I really like this! Does the phrase “Working Day” change with each subsequent day (for example, Wednesday would be “Hump Day”)…

nemění. Pondělí až pátek - pracovní den
sobota a neděle - volný den
Celé je to ve WFD, tak si to upravte :slight_smile:

I do not care to edit it, I just thought it would be fun to do

I’m sorry but I don’t speak English. I don’t know what you call the days of the week other than what google translates.
‘Hump Day’ translates as utter nonsense

Aha! In the USA we have traditionally given “fun names” to the days of the week. “Hump day” refers to Wednesday because when you’re working and you get past Wednesday, you are over the “hump”. Another example on Friday, we say TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)…

I understand. So write me everything and I’ll edit it. I like it.

I think it would be best for you make-up names that would be understood in the Czech Republic…

I don’t make watches for the Czech Republic :slight_smile: That’s why all my dials are in English. We here in the Czech Republic use a lot of programs and applications in English so we know a little :slight_smile:

Monday’s suck!
At least it’s not Monday!
Hump Day!
Is it Friday yet?
Thank God it’s Friday!
I did WHAT last night?
Damn, tomorrow is Monday!

Thanks, I’ll edit it and I’ll send you the result in a report. If it’s okay, I’ll put it on the forum. Do you agree? Google doesn’t rely much …

It’s still Friday - isn’t that a mistake?

Friday would be : “Thank God It’s Friday” or “TGIF”

I get it, but the ‘google’ translation on Thursday writes the question IS IT STILL FRIDAY ?. that does not make sense…

Perhaps, the best way to proceed is to send me the .xml (that includes your input for Mon-Sun names) and I will do my best to make it make sense…