Saab Turbo gauge watchface.

Saab Turbo gauge watchface.





I love this design! Used to have a Saab 93 Aero with these dials.
Does the temperature dial work?
If it does then it would be awesome to remove the exact temp and just use the dial on a range where like L is -5C and H is +25C (but guess that range depends on where you live.
I assume fuel is battery percentage and turbo is steps?
What is the 63 in the middle? Heart rate?

Temp dail goes down and is the month. Fuel u guessed it. Turbo is the day. The bezel fills with steps. Center is indeed heart rate. So you can see how fast it goes when you’re driving your Saab :wink:. Above the heart rate in the open space, when charging the icon appears.