S999, Q668, and generic system images

I learned from this XDA thread about generic Android builds and that they work on the S999. Since I had a useless S999 laying around I decided to try it and followed this guide. After much tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth I got Android 10 up and running and setup so that my S999 is now up to the standards we expect here (with a few minor quirks).Yee haw!

I also had a Q668 and since it seemed to be the same platform I tried it there, using the same system image, and if anything it works even better than on the S999! I am a happy boy.

To anyone thinking of buying one these watches to do the same, my advice is: DON’T! At least not without knowing what you’re getting into and not without relevant experience.

I still know very little about generic system images so this might be a dumb question, but would it be feasible to create a generic FAW build for watches that are Project Treble compliant? Is so perhaps I can help.

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We already tried it with Android 12 and it doesn’t work due to issues with the modem and Google framework and custom drivers for things like HR sensor, and raise to wake.
Thanks anyway.


OK, too bad. FWIW the Google ecosystem, HR, and lift to wake are all working flawlessly so far in the A10 GSI I’m using (crdoid). I haven’t tried a SIM card yet.


Yep, even though I have the source code for A10, the A12 system doesn’t work with the modem library and various other important drivers.
It’s probably due to the customised kernel drivers used.
We got A12 booting and usable to an extent on a LEM 12 pro. But no modem, no heart rate sensor and GMS just not possible.


Ok, the modem is now working.
A lot of work still to be done and I am not sure if we have time. :pensive: