S10Pro International firmware - update from SD Card (No FlashTools) - Suitable for LEM14 2021.06.26

This software is great

First thing i notice is thats its smooth and fast with no lag while navigating menus

Google apps integrated perfectly

And finally google contacts syncing automatically !!

I like how google assistant integrated in the back button (with long press)… It Is fast and seemless … now its easy for me to control my smart home devices with a button click on my watch.

Double tap to wake up screen is a feature that is worth to update only to get that… its better than the rise to wake and make it easy to quickly check time without pressing buttons.

Battery life looks much better but needs time to compare … as all my apps deleted after factory reset.

Suggestion for future software update…

I always wanted to have android phone notification experience… to swipe the curtain down to see all notifications…

I think alot of users would like to have that option

Hope it is possible to apply


That did it, thanks!

Have you ever tried watchdroid?:thinking:

Nova Launcher Prime works quite well for this purpose too.
BTW, I’ve already flashed my LEM14 successfully, and the FAW firmware seems to be much better than the stock one, thanks, @pablo11, @none and the whole FAW posse!

Watch droid won’t show local watch notifications, if you suggest it for the requested notifications view.

Hello Dear Pablo11!
I would like to congratulate you once again.:+1: This is a super job​:bangbang: But unfortunately for me, something is not working properly.:fearful: I can’t hear the SMS notification sound. :triumph::tired_face::triumph: :sob::sob: Yet I activated the settings.:bangbang: Only two of the three settings work.:thinking::thinking: Please help​:bangbang: If you have time for me​:smiley::innocent::fire:
Thank You :+1::+1:
Best Regards :wink:
Michel56 :fire::fire:

I did and its a great app for notifications from phone to watch… and great other features

I was talking about local notification … original stock android experience

I am just suggesting to keep that option for simple users to choose … if the great developers team can implement that in the future firmwares

Thanks everybody for replies :heart:

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Then I misunderstood the question. I suspected you wanted to receive notifications from the smartphone on the watch.

I have tried the new faw firmware lem14 it is excellent, the battery life is much better. all new features are perfect. I have only found one but. When using the battery saving mode afterwards I cannot exit (although I deactivate it by means of the voice command) and when increasing the size of the letter to the recommended level in the saving mode the characters are superimposed. I do not know if there is a way to correct it, I could not find it. An excellent job, thank you for offering this possibility of having a smart watch closer to what we all want. Keep it up. Regards . sorry for the writing but i am using a translator.


Long press on power button to get out of power saving.
Either by reboot or normally after pressing the back button after long press power menu and you can access settings again

Just out of curiosity … if Google send out an Android 10.7 update, do we ignore it, or will it integrate with this new software anyway?

You will not get an update from Google.
The solution provider has a private OTA service.

If you ever see something like this, please do not flash it and report it to us.

Because it should never happen.


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Will do! Thanks.

Updated the firmware. overall, great performance and battery life. The only issue I’m running into is the Phone\data. I use a Google Project Fi sim. When I turn on data and phone service, the watch gets hot and the Phone application crashes or does not respond to my touches. What do you need to troubleshoot this further? Thank you.

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Google won’t send out any updates that will change the version number, but they will send you updates for some parts of the framework from time to time. If you want to you can check manually for those updates by going to Settings > Security > Google Play system update.


I think I did this right…

I started the data service used the dialer and then generated the debug.


Thank you for your help.

Was this function working in the branded stock firmware.?
It is important to know this…
The link you posted is not available for download unless you change the permissions to “anyone with the link can view” on your Google drive.
So we can’t reach it at the moment

Does this link work?

In the stock firmware, I was able to install Project FI application and “activate” the sim and use the phone.
in the updated firmware, I installed Project Fi application, tried activating it but it did not work. I can text and use data, but when I use the phone is restarts the watch UI, gets hot and very laggy\freezes.

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Thanks all good now

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