It took me 20 hours of work so i need a break.
If someone want to improve this clockskin is free but just for this comunity.

First version with lines on seconds lines:

Second version without lines:

Thanks Lucian !

Very original and complex skin design. Bravo!

Great watchface!

Very nice! Thanks!
missing/deleted image from Google+

Cool Idea, and very good work!
Thank you!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Nice and thanks! By the way, should I rename the zip file to .watch or what?

buna treaba, imi place, bravo!!!

great concept! thanks!

How can we improve this? What is your idea?

@Samuel_Wong you can use watchmaker to assemble i think.

Really nice!

Thanks, great

@Samuel_Wong That’s what I tried to do but it imports as Steel Blue or whatever that one is called. Did you get it to work?

@Jake_Larson Do I need to rename the file extension from zip to watch in order to import to watchmaker? In fact, I did, but not able to import.

@Samuel_Wong I tried that too and it imports incorrectly.

Wonderful work - can you please please please convert it to a Devon Tread??? Thanks man! :slight_smile:
missing/deleted image from Google+

@1078_Garage that was the first idea but is hard to do this. On this watch how the 12 hour is represented? I am not good at graphics.

Ah no worries bro! I’m just impressed with the mechanics of the numbers you’ve made, looks awesome