Rogbid brave can't pair to wear os

How can i connect to wear os easily using rogbid brave?
I always stock at getting watch details, i almost wait 30 minutes and still can’t connect.
Please help me to solve this problem.

My watch and phone are connected.

Solution i tried:
i already try stop the app,
restart the app
Clear cache and data

You can’t pair your watch with the wear OS App, because your watch is fullandroid, not Android wear. It’s not possible, sorry.

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what i need to do? Thanks for the quick response and GODbless

I do not understand the question. What you wanna do? Is it about installing watchfaces on your watch?

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Sorry, i mean is there’s any way to get watch face on watch maker or facer with out wear os?

Is there’s any app for full android to get watch faces easily on facer and watch maker?

No. But if you have a look at the different categories of our forum, you will found thousands of watchfaces. Most of them will work on your watch.
Have a look at our youtube Chanel to lern how to install them.


Nice help and info
Thanks much and GODbless

U can install wiiwatch on app store

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You can use Universal Launcher or even a modified watchmaker version to have your faces on our Full android watches. Just use the search tool.

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Btw thanks and GODbless

Where i will install the universal launcher?
On my watch or on my phone or both?
Sorry i’m a newbee :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Just on watch and allow " all permissions " when prompted .

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