Rip Curl Diver Moonphase - UL

Talk about a distinctive watch! More at




Beautiful face DD! :+1: I have a rip curl in my collection, but alas it will never tell the time again :woozy_face:, so nice to have one on the Prime! Cheers, Doons

P.S. I just loaded it on to the prime, looks great and everything working except that the “Date” hand on the right sub dial is missing completely.

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It’s the dreaded UL… The hand is actually there when using the UL :smiley:

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Nice one, but you have to put the post under the “universal launcher” heading


Forgive me… At 83 there are just some things I forget.

Ok doubledad, at least I know why it didn’t work…but please try and be extra careful when posting these UL faces and make sure they are under the Universal Launcher heading…I…and all the other members…certainly don’t want to brick a brand new watch! Cheers Doons

Sounds like you have a new watch… Which one did you buy?

Very nice one @doubledad . Congrats

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Hi @doubledad …Having just acquired UL (Well to be brutally honest I acquired it and @G1NT0N1C made it work! :woozy_face: :rofl:) I downloaded this face as I have always like RIP CURL watches (I have one but alas it will never tell the time again! :woozy_face: ) and this particular face looks magnificent on my Prime 2. Thanks for all the work that went into it and thanks for sharing it :+1: :+1: (And thank God G1N made it possible for me to see it! :+1:) Cheers, Doons

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UR welcome!