Reworked Style - now Anomaly Style Stock weather icons,

Reworked Style - now Anomaly Style
Stock weather icons, moon-phase Icons still from a free icon site, as well as heartrate and steps icons. Now a little less matte black and orange but a little more chrome, 3D and anodized aluminium and Glass Effect Window over Date. Hope you enjoy.


love the work, I’ve just tested it, but strangely the Battery arm does not work on my D5 (even if when I load it in Clockskinmaker all seems working in simulation)

Yeah the battery array sometimes do that, In my BB8 watch face, the battery array works in the ClockSkinMaker simulation, but when transferred to watch, it disappears… why is this happening?

@mouradOo_ned try to remove spaces in image’s filename. Maybe it’s malinterpreted by stock firmware

tried it…but still don’t work :frowning:

@Ricardo_Romero I think its the Clockwise/counterclockwise thing in the D5 Firmware… Mine shows the indicator right of the moon as where it should be left of it… (Still stock firmware on mine)

@Haggis_Tanaka yes, it could be. I remember that batt’s rotate was counterclockwise by default (at least in first version of stock firmware)… specify it could be causing a firmware malfunction.

@Haggis_Tanaka The problem with the battery’s hand is not the clockwise/counterclockwise but the property which doesn’t work as expected. That is an already reported bug in the official bug list.
The solution is to create the hand image not with the tip toward the top (0 degrees), but with the tip toward the intended initial angle, 180 degrees in your case.

@Ciro_Danise If I remember correctly it should work with the newer firmware, just making the problem with the stock one. (like mine as I am too scared to mess around with it ^^)

@Haggis_Tanaka My solution will work with every known firmware version. It’s the same trick I used in my OMEGA DeVille faces.
And you have to remove the property too.

Can you make a squer version for D6? Thank you.

I really don’t know how - don’t know nothing about the other watch - only thing I can change quick will be a black background (with some effect perhaps) if you tell me the resolution of the watch… Doing a real square version would be a right pain in the ass because of the angles (which still have to be in the right position) and I can not test any of it… :frowning:

Works on No1 D5?

To make the battery indicator work, just change the Mulrotate from 1 to -1.