Request made by Alex Colu:

Request made by Alex Colu: The Chronotech ct 7991/02m

Upper small hand shows battery level
Lower small hand shows month
Left small hands shows seconds at half speed (pretty useless) :wink:


Made 100% using WFD, no other tools used.

Tested on my KW88

Have Fun!

I like it so much is very identical

Hi! I downloaded this but when I open the file it says file not supported. Do I need to download other app for this to work? Thanks

What is your watch?

Hi @Alex_Colu , my watch is kw88. Hereโ€™s what I did:

  1. I installed universal launcher to kw88
  2. Downloaded .watchfile zip and moved it to my clockskin folder

But when I tried to open the .watchfile zip to my watch it says file not supported.

I am not sure if I am missing some steps to do it or If i need to install other apps for it to work.

May you kindly advise the specific apps that I need to install to my kw88 and some sample .watchfile that will open to my my kw88. Many thanks

You have to download the skin and then extract it to a folder and put it in the trolley already inside the clock called Clockskin (for you do not need additional UL Launche) to this restart the clock and you will have the skin inside with the original launcher

This type of skin work with android stock watch not android wear and for take it work without specific launcher infact work with stock launcher in android watch (no android wear)