Request by Manu J - The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona WORKS ONLY WITH ERIC'S UNIVERSAL

Request by Manu J - The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona


Made 100% in WFD and build from scratch.
Only borrowed the ‘crown’ logo.


Almost exact copy of the original watch.
Added an extra day of the month.

Have Fun!


Can you post a Drop Box link.

@Salvatore_Ciulla if you can read this post, you can also download it from Google drive.

Oh thank you, that’s beautiful. I use anyway Erics Universal Louncher.

@G1NT0N1C Ok great thank you. Beautiful job. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice watch face
Is it possible to put steps, heartbeat, weather in all three circle and battery indicator separately.

@Rakesh_Pandya Everything is possible, but then you have a total different watchface. And i usually stick to one version of a watchface.
There are other plenty of faces with weather / steps / heartbeat on it.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Noted

@Rakesh_Pandya …and as usual you don’t use any “please” or “thanks”. Did your parents does’nt teach you?

@G1NT0N1C can you please stop teaching me!
Why are your poking your nose for no reason?

Bert van de Bovenkamp thank you again for that beautiful watch face, I realy love it. Could you maybe also do the Rolex Daytona white and gold please?

I installed all 205 files on my Zeblaze Thor 4 but it doesn’t show everything. It misses the date and the indicators are just black shadows. Do I miss a couple files or won’t it totally work on my Thor 4?
PS. It work well, but only misses a couple things indicated above…

@Alex_Paardekooper_Al Do you use Eric’s Universal Launcher or the stock one?

I haven’t downloaded any launcher, so i guess the stock one?

@Alex_Paardekooper_Al Then you found your problem.
This face needs Eric’s Launcher to run all the stuff right

Oow oke, ik denk dat we trouwens allebei nederlands spreken of niet? XD

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp Zou je een versie kunnen maken voor de stock launcher? Ik denk dat dat niet heel lastig moet zijn aangezien hij op deze manier ook al bijna helemaal goed is. Helaas heb ik hier weinig verstand van en kan ik dit zelf niet… Ik zou het echter zeer op prijs stellen als je dat zou willen doen!

@Alex_Paardekooper_Al Het is een engelstalige groep hier. :wink:
So i stick to English :wink:

I can try to make a version for stock launcher but that won’t be so nice.
This version uses animated hands with different lightning etc.
Do you have a photo of the face on your watch so i can see what’s missing/wrong?

Haha okey, does that mean it will be ugly or just different? I’m very curious!

@johnny_ulate This is the one you are looking for!