Reliability & long term use

I sent my D7 back to Gearbest because it was not very good, felt cheap, and bits of it stopped working, and it didn’t tether. I just want a tethered watch that will do Fittness stuff as well - sort of flashy Fitbit. I have been researching watches up to about £80 ($100), i want a round face, and I like the look of the silver Allcall W1, & KW99, (same watch I know) or similar, but everyone says get an H2, however I prefer the look of the more dress watch style.

Now I am reading issues with the H2. Is there any reliable watch out there, or is it that everyone keeps fiddling with them? I am beginning to think cheaper Chinese smart watches are not really the route to go, or not up to the job.

Trouble is, I have had a No1 S3 for a few years and I enjoy wearing it - it just needs updating. Would I regret getting the Allcall & not the H2? Unless there is something else out there I have missed?

so confused!

Jan 25, 2018 23:04:23 GMT 1 paulr said:

i have the H2 and the KW99 and they are both great watches with great battery life (do'nt know much of the w1) i do'nt use the kw99 with sim so not sure how it is with 3g the H2 is great in all specs and true my watch got corrosion after few days of usage and other user the touch screen stopped working but tell the truth if i wo'nt be able to fix the one i have i will buy new on i think that just tells you how great the watch is, i never used a watch which had great battery life as the H2 with always on 3g and gps even on my note5 i do'nt leave the gps on all the time only when i use it. the kw with gps, wifi, bt always on i get more than 24hrs of usage but i do'nt use much the bt calls app do'nt really need it as i use bt headset. if you are not going to use 3g the kw99 (better to wait for the upgraded) it is a great choice and you can get easily more than 24hrs of usage but if you want 3g then the H2 is better choice, not sure about the thor s and the lem6 cos i do'nt  think they are great watches as the microwear or the kingwear watches.

Thanks. I guess if I want reliable I need to spend a lot more!