Recommend me a smart watch for running ?

Recommend me a smart watch for running ? Would KW88 be alright for running ?

Yes and no. the pedometer is a little bit inaccurate.

If you intend to use some app that tracks your position (like Runkeeper), I believe all MTK based devices have problems with GPS (hope I’m wrong), so it will be useless.
I have my D5 for months and wasn’t able to make it to work yet =(

I would recommend the hexxa smart watch for sporting activities.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thanks mate. Looks Spanish watch. How’z support for this and where do u buy them from ?

Hi @Namit_Sethi ​, I use kw88 with endomondo app, I had run 10,7 km for 1.24 hours. It works well. Gps is excellent. The battery however drained from 99% to 30%. I only use 2g connection. If I use 3g connection, it will not last that long.

@Namit_Sethi just use google translate. Are you in Europe ? If you are, these guys are amazing !! We support them and they are very good friends of ours.

For runnning use something more advanced like a Garmin vivoactive, Fitbit or stuff like that. ALL these Android Smartwatches are more “gimmicks”. Pedometer is way off.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Australia