Received DM368 from Gearbest,

Received DM368 from Gearbest, thought I’d run Antutu through it right out out of the box. I think this score is almost lineball with Mr Ticks’ 15412 for his LF16 (no big surprise there). Experimenting with launchers and apps soon, feels nice on the wrist so far.

Confratulations! Very nice watch, expecially for its near-zero gap between the screen and the bezel.
My personal suggestion, use @Eric_Crochemore 's launcher for accessing tons of great watchfaces.

Mine is coming. Thank you. BTW do you happen to have a user guide in PDF or else? Thank you.

Yeah, my wife bought me one.
Be aware that the screen is very poor quality. Mine flaked (chipped) within first week.
It’s basically a KW88 in a different case. 
@Ciro_Danise ​ is correct. The best thing about it was that @Eric_Crochemore ​ launcher works well with it.

Thanks for the heads up Pablo, I’ll keep an eye on that. Yes indeed Eric’s launcher will be the next project :slight_smile:

I have the same watch and I like, the only problem I find for this watch is the lack of a technical support from the manufacturer, a firmware … and also the ability to add faces easily :frowning:
I share with you the manual delivered with the watch (Scanned in PDF)

Thank you. I received mine today. Still trying to understand how to use it at its best…