Re-sharing as the sales are upon us....

Re-sharing as the sales are upon us… I will be re-posting the best of the crop.
Google search for the best deals.

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Another fantastic watch available in the sales - the AllCall W1. Made by one of our partners - KingWear.
2gb ram and 16gb storage this is a great looking new watch on the market and available for just over $100 USD!! This watch has the MTK 6580 chipset with 4 cores, 400x400 screen and also the Bluetooth calling ability without SIM card. It has the SIM card available as well of course - like all our stand alone smart watches.
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An excellent review is here:
Just google this watch and get the best available price
These are FYI posts and so no commenting - please just have a look on Google for the best prices and more info and availability.