RADAR Analog and Digital Clock Skins I’ll start this section off with a couple

RADAR Analog and Digital Clock Skins

I’ll start this section off with a couple of simulated radar clock skins. These originated from a stock watch face radar sweep concept (clock_radar_science_0), then was worked into a more realistic radar watch face by JanLeung and posted on the XDA Forum “ClockSkin Collection for No 1 D5, K8 and K8 mini + Installation Guide” here:

Pulling in various parts from many different watches, these SWT design revisions add multiple layers of ever changing activity. The first skin is analog and is an extrapolation of the JanLeung approach with a bug fix and enhancements to an earlier version. The second one is digital with just the right font color to look silver until the sweep hits it and turns it black.

Both the analog and digital RADAR JL R2 watch faces can be downloaded here:

As a community contribution, I offer these designs for free and encourage further use, revision, and enhancement. By supporting each other we all grow together.

Of note as well, these designs were all hand done. I’m on a Mac and don’t use a clockskin creation program. I encourage those of you just learning to do so as well, at least until you really get the feel for what’s going on.

Finally, don’t be intimidated. Grab a license free image you like or one that you create for a background, slap on some hands, and you’ve got a watch face. If it’s something that brings you joy, then please share it with us, either here in the totally free for commercial and non-commercial section or in the general Custom Faces section.

I made som changes to the radar watchface i think its musch better now :blush:
missing/deleted image from Google+

Very cool @Majed_Zghayer1 . Feel free to post it for us to download and enjoy! Thanks!

Some changes to the radar watchskin for D5,X1,X3,X5
Tried it on my X3 it should work on the others
Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2RN2RvYnhafaUc5R1djOExTenc/view?usp=drivesdk