Question & Info: Google allegedly blocked my G + account for checking a possible

Question & Info:
Google allegedly blocked my G + account for checking a possible violation of G + rules.
I think all my posts have been handled correctly to the best of my conscience,
Nevertheless, my download links can not be used right now.
Can anyone give me a hint what Google may not have liked or help?
Am I the only one affected?
Was not active lately Probably 2 weeks ago my downloadlinks were blocked!
LG. WatchFaceMax

Frage & Info:
Google hat mein G+ Account angeblich wegen Prüfung einer möglichen Verletzung der G+ Regeln gesperrt.
Meine Posts sind denke ich alle nach besten Gewissen korrekt abgewickelt worden,
trotzdem können meine Downloadlinks in Augenblick nicht verwendet werden.
Kann mir da wer einen Tip geben was Google nicht gefallen haben kann bzw. weiterhelfen?
Bin ich als einziger betroffen?
War in letzter Zeit nicht aktiv tätig vermutlich wurde vor 2 Wochen meine downloadlinks gesperrt!
LG. WatchFaceMax

Od that matters? They closing down anyway.

In the moment they block your account, you get a mail. They wrote you the reason (for example Spam, Copyright, adult, etc.)

Was there a Tag Heuer watch in you g drive?

Ok, I found your problem: delete your Tag heuer watchface and then use the link from the side i’ve posted. Tag Heuer is going crazy atm…

It happened to me with TAG Heuer !!
got email, then I deleted my publication.

Yep - TAG are not happy about it and can quite legally ask for it to be removed.
It’s their prerogative …
It’s always a 50 / 50 chance when you use their designs…

I got TAG’t too some weeks ago.
Still not back online with my account.
Google is not very quick with answering my e-mail too.

Yes I found last the days the mails from google!
it is “Tag Heuer” !!
I deleted now all download links I have posted. I hope it helps to get my google-drive free, because I like to save my works!
Greeting from MaxWatchface

@max_watchface good luck.

@max_watchface Google is very slow with responding on e-mails. Still no responce from them and there is no other way of contacting them. No phone, no chat.