Question about flashing firmware:

Question about flashing firmware:

When reading about flashing fw I we always see “don’t flash the Preloader!!!”

My question is a simple “why not” ??

Seeing the instruction video NO1 provides the show it has to be done?

Simple answer is this:
MTK devices are very hard to brick - unless you mess with the boot-loader.
The pre-loader is the boot loader. It contains information specific to your version of hardware.
The thing is - you normally never ever need to flash it. Only the firmware upgrade option in SP Tool requires it.
If you are flashing firmware made for your device there is no need to flash the pre-loader file. No1 have very little understanding about this and probably don’t really care. They are just using text book instructions.
If you do flash and it goes a little wobbly then you can lose your IMEI and even end up with a device that just will not boot at all.

Thank you for explaining . didn’t know they mean the bootloader by it . That explains a lot.

The bootloader is a very minimal system. e.g. when you click the download in SPFT and you plug the USB than bootloader start the flash process,if not plug the USB or not click download then it’s start the boot linux kernel/android. If something wrong with bootloader then the only way is the JTAG if it’s available. If i right. Sorry for my poor english.

@Lokifish_Marz thanks… Already removed my previous comment :wink: thinking it’s not about me proving to know something. Guess you read it before I removed it. Very happy with your comment though. I think when a major change will come in Preloader and it needs to be flashed they’ll let us know . So in all other cases it’s better to be safe then sorry… Don’t flash it.
You’r also right about the dock… Wish the watch had a normal micro USB connection like the zgpax S8 had.