Query the application

Don’t know any free app that would simulate a ticking watch? My idea is that my analog display will light up and my watch will start ticking before it goes out again. :slight_smile:
Or would it not be possible to insert an additional field like ARRAY100 into the file “clock_skin.xml”?

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thanks to that I found but probably set it wrong. I will try it again
EDIT:so that’s not it. It sounds like a church clock and starts an advertisement when it’s over.

To be honest . It was just quick search on playstore.


I will also be honest. :slight_smile: There are more similar applications and none is free. That’s why I thought that a programmer who can do WFD or unofficial firmware on Lemfo Lem, for example, could do this in a few minutes. So that everyone who wants to can put it in their dial. It would be fun :slight_smile:

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This is a nice application that beeps like a digital Casio every hour (or at a different interval). After turning off the battery saver works perfectly and is free without ads. It can also activate the display. If it still ticked 4 times a second … :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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