Quality of plastic used in KW88 I received my KW88 in 13th Aug 2016

Quality of plastic used in KW88

I received my KW88 in 13th Aug 2016 from Ali express. And already the watch back plate is broken, Informed the seller who has dispatched another back plate (Had to pay for the product transport)
Now few days back when i see on the front side also there is a crack. Don’t know why the watch is made with such low quality material which can break so easily.
Anyone else having the same issue ?

I do now know how to replace the front plastic also…

missing/deleted image from Google+

missing/deleted image from Google+

I’m facing the exact same problems, but i don’t care. It is a “cheap” watch compared to others (e.g. Galaxy S3).

Er…Maybe you guys should use it with caution.
Mine with careful use is still fine.

It arrived broken …

Brand new, a little bit played arround, a few hours on table, not weared, same problems…
Maybe the watch is cheap compared to others, but it is not cheap at all.

And there are no spare parts for these parts?

For the back there is a spare available. The ring on the front with the numbers is not changeable.

It is changeable.

Changeable -> screws, but the ring is glued. Yes, you can remove the ring and glue another, but the result may differ from a factory glued ring …

Of course you are right, but you can change it :smiley:

@Mr_Elyot from where can I buy the back?? Pls help mines is broken

I exchanged my watch, not the plastic parts. I have a Finow X3+. Quality is much better.

Kw88’s build quality, quality control, and aftersales is RUBBISH!!! … As for Gearbest? They are so many hoops to jump through to get even a damn non-fault replacement part sent out. Never again!!!