Here is my ClockSkin - Pulsar_Roundabout
Build with WFD for #stocklauncher #android
Features: Hours, 24 Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day and Battery Level.
Free to use for everyone in this community… :slight_smile: Do not re-share.
Credits: www.pulsar.com
Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12xzmn2HRO1ry3F9H2Nu4khr_SteEjD1A/view?usp=sharing


Thank you, started looking for faces likes this. An ordinary face on a Prime 2 is to me looking a bit ridiculous: all that screen space with a Giganormous watch in it…
So I started thinking, what if there was a smaller watch, with the surroundings used for other stuff.
Never found them useful before, a small watch inside the watchface, but on Prime 2 I wish for more like this. Perhaps a nice Breitling in the middle, and other indicators or press fields surrounding it :ok_hand:

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This really is my favourite on the Prime 2. I know the discussion about limited releases pr day, but if you have more faces like this, with a smaller watchface and extra info around it, could you prioritize publishing some of those ?
Is there a place where I can see your releases from other platforms, so I could make a wish ?

@Dotsfar, i need to check if i have others like this one.