Problems with Android watches: 1. Screen black always. Look like dump watch 2.

Problems with Android watches:

  1. Screen black always. Look like dump watch
  2. Its Notifier app is useless.
  3. Swapp link notifier consumes battery a lot.
  4. Limited watch faces that too not attractive like moto 360s.
  5. Brightness slider does not reduce brightness to low value to reduce battery consumption.
  6. Most of the play store apps does not fit to round display.
    JUST one advantage is its standalone watch feature.
    Considering all these points I have pledged to buy TicWatch 2. Other android wear watches are quite expensive as compared to ticwatch.
    I will keep finow x5 in a hope some day i get AlwaysOn display feature app.

It seems you didn’t do too much research before you purchased your watch. most of these problems can all be solved by various other apps.

@Inceptual_Games I like my X5 but can you recommend a better app then SWApp as I didn’t like the watch helper app

Hi,I use swapplink on a x5,deleted watchhelper,no excessive battery drain.
Some people use pushbullet,but I couldn’t install it due to a home accessible bottom right corner on the setup need to see vidéos of smartwatchtick on ytube…

You plz suggest me AlwaysOn app and accelerometer sensor app to wake up display. @Inceptual_Games ​ My only and only demand from this watch is its ambient AlwaysOn. Without battery killing.

If you use always on your battery will last 3hours. Go on display seting and activate wrist wake up

I also have a Sony Smartwatch 3 & if I set it to screen always on it will kill the battery. The X5 already has a setting to switch the screen on when you turn your wrist just like on my Sony but I normally leave this off as I think this drains the battery as it can come on when you don’t need it to.
I got the X5 as it was different to the other android wear watches at a fraction of the price and you can tinker with it. My wife has a Apple Watch and the back has come off in under 6 months so the watch was replaced 2 weeks ago. So do you get what you pay for???

You are right,and if you see the last video of our"master" smartwatchtick it shows how good is the quality of the x5

I agree with you @marc_bessis ​ as far as price is taken into account. But it is not cheap for 139 dollars price tag. It has Amoled display which allows ambient display so firmware should accomodate this feature.

Also wrist wake up does not lit the screen while walking.

That’s a recurring problem . I advise you too go on YouTube,xda,and this community,you will find all answers you need

Let’s hope i can find all ans on youtube n the communuties.

Will the ticwear platform take care of all these issues? I’ll probably grab one in the near future.

why do’nt you use M2D for notifications? it is much better than Watch Helper.

I will definitely try this m2d

Tried M2D but didn’t get all notifications. I’ll try it again incase I set it up wrong but found SWApp worked straight away.

@Andrew_Gittens make sure that you mark everything on the app on the phone make sure that all keys are right, i like it more because i can reply the downside it work only with wifi\hotspot\bt tethering it does’nt work well on 3g

@Andrew_Gittens I use the same works fine

@sonia_sophie_ataunna I found I could reply with SWApp from my watch ok but am about to try Push bullet as I said this is what I like about these watches the fact you can try lots of different things. The only downside I have with my X5 against my Sony is the GPS didn’t lock but that’s no problem for me as If I went for a run I would use my Sony. I’m can run the same apps on my X5 as on my Sony even down to controlling my Sonos system. What’s not to like

Ok tell us about pushbullet