preview design my facewatch. 3 days later .. I'll give it to you.

preview design my facewatch.
3 days later … I’ll give it to you. (free)
thank for watching :slight_smile:
My facebook: Lackenart.789
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wow good watch face.

good work :slight_smile:

Brilliantly designed!:slight_smile:

Nice :+1:t2: when Are you going to Share ???

Thank you very much.

will it be an .apk file?

@Irfan_Yusuf Do not wait apk file and install @Eric_Crochemore ​’s launcher.

@Andrew_Borg : …This Sunday, I will send everyone.

Excellently! We very look forward the file.

I Love it! Thanks

Will be a great new year’s present :gift:. Thanks in advance @Vi_t_Ng_c_Le

it’ here:

Very Very good

Great Job, Thanks

Thank you dear brother, but why not convert it into apk? It is better, so that everyone nstale directly dear brother !!!

I do not know convert it into APK … :((


Cám ơn nhaz bạn :slight_smile:

you wellcome ^^