Power drain... not? I uninstalled a Maps/GPS app recently that I believed was causing unacceptable

Power drain… not?

I uninstalled a Maps/GPS app recently that I believed was causing unacceptable (for me) power drain… after I removed it I noticed that the power loss was still dramatic - about 15% per hour… I set my D5 to “power saving” mode but there was no great change… then I also clicked “aeroplane mode” but still had power drain… at this stage I’ve only got two apps loaded (MessagEase and a calculator)… I then disabled some sort of Google reporting system but still no improvement… my last step was to turn the watch off (press side button) and after a brief rest, back on again…
Result… my D5 has now held a 100% charge for over 8 hours (light to no use, overnight)… I’ve never had it so good…

Arggggh this Google Android is so perfect :(. Very sad That iOS is not running on our watches! The Apple os is perfect

I have Gsam battery monitor installed - it’s quite good at keeping an eye on rogue processes and wake-locks .Uses hardly any power too :slight_smile:

Currently 13hr 18m since fully charged and only 1% power used (showing 99% remaining)… :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 When my D5 arrived from China (via Belgium) the battery was disconnected… from the time of order to time of arrival was about 3 weeks… when I reconnected the battery it showed a 66% charge…

I get it. I seem to remember that your battery was disconnected - strange…

I installed Google keyboard 2 days ago following the advice of one of our members - just to check it. Since then my battery lasted for 10 hours (normally 6-7 days! ). Google apps seems to be power hungry :slight_smile:

@Piotr_Blazewicz I have Google Keyboard installed and I have same good battery usage as college says… about 8 hours as a watch (airplane ON) and 100%… And if I use MD2 under Wifi I usually have a 3,5 (aprox) days of usage

Currently I’m checking battery behaviour after Google keyboard uninstall. After that I’m going to give it a second chance to check the drain reason. I found the keyboard very useful tough.

@Piotr_Blazewicz On my Google keyboard installs I can’t reach the lower left and right keys at all on any of the round watches, even the X5. Are you just using swipe typing and voice input? Can you get to all the keys on your Google keyboard?

@SmartWatch_Ticks Just used it for a couple of minutes but didn’t check it properly. Power drain and removal after 8 hours effectively cut off the possibility to look closer on that keyboard. Will test it again after next charge (Friday? Haha)

Hi +SmartWatch Ticks https://plus.google.com/109421898423602829086 I
used to use TouchPal due to I could reach all parts easily resizing the
keyboard. The problem is that I realized that it consumed lot of ram and so
that lot of battery.

Google Keyboard does not consumed much ram/bat and it’s as useful as
TouchPal. It’s tricky but you can reach all parts…you just have to get
used to. Trying touching just in the edge where the bottom should be (both
sides of space bottom)

I charges it using a 1A charger (of an iphone 5) and turning it off. It charges fast and does not get warm

I’ve seen this too. Some apps don’t shutdown cleanly and might leave a service running. If I notice excessive power drain it’s usually time for a reboot. Even happens on my phone

yep - a well known issue. It’s like your pc. If you don’t reboot every once in a while it starts to slow down. Just happens a lot more frequently here lol :slight_smile: