Porsche Design Flat Six Automatic Cronograph All Parts of the Watchface new created with

Porsche Design Flat Six Automatic Cronograph

All Parts of the Watchface new created with Photoshop.

Half Hour and 30 min Dials changed to
Full Hour and 60 min.
Second Dial changed to Battery Dial.

Thats the different to the original Flat Six Watch.

This Watchface is a Homage to the Brand “Porsche Design”


Perfection! Thanks!
missing/deleted image from Google+

very nice watchface!

big thanks DiDi!!!

You can teach me how to use clockskinmaker, there are no tutos on the youtube? !!!

compliments you can have the dial with 24 hours instead of 12 hours?

Thanks to Sher for the Picture, and Sorry to Djallel. I use no program for my Faces. I can not help with Watchface-programs.

Nice face, thank`s

Then dear brother DiDi you can show me other program, in secret if you want on !! I give you my Email of course if you want!!thanks Didi

I need to learn!

Perfect work, thanks!

@Djallel_Benmdjahed you need to read the information you can find here :


@Di_Di amigo mim ajude a instalar faces modificado, se você quiser é claro , pode ser em segredo pelo e-mail

Sorry Jonnas, the Google+ translator is not working. I can not read your Post.

  • Di Di friend me help install modified faces, if you want of course, can be secret by email

Friend wanted very much his help, to learn by faces in my lemfo lem5

Hello Jonnas, its not a Jocke. Its realy true. I can not help with Answers to Watchface-programs. I use no program like this, and i have never installed such a program .At those Programs i am a absolut novice. Sorry, it takes more time to create a face without a program, but it works!

@Jonnas_Young Why does everyone think this has to be done in secret ?
The instructions and information is easy to read and it’s here in our technical forum:


@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 +100

thanks mate :slight_smile: