Pls help me, somebody have firmware for Finow X3?

Pls help me, somebody have firmware for Finow X3?

Have you checked in our firmware section? It’s in there.

X3 is same as D5 and X1

but I do all and it still do not work

That means that something has gone wrong at the flashing stage. The firmware works on all 3 of these watches - confirmed. So something has gone wrong when you flash it. Have you read the guide here in the community?

The official K9 firmware is from an X3 - it’s here in the official firmware section but any of them should work fine - except the K18 and X5 - do not flash these.

watch this carefully

This is Jessie from Finow, the X3 latest firmware has been sent to smartwatchTicks, he will upload and you can download to plash

Hi again. Please send any firmware and firmware related issue to us here so that we can investigate.
SmartWatch Ticks just has to post them here anyway so it would be better if you passed them to us here directly. I have discussed this already with Jack. We are very grateful for the firmware but it is a better process that the technical people get these things first. That way if there are any issues we find them before potentially hundreds of customers flash it.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 It is pleasure for me to do this, you can give me your email, and i will send you through email. Thanks for your excellent job

yes thanks Jessie.
Jack just explained via the email sent to you and me.
The important point here is that we would rather test firmware before releasing to the members attached to a you tube post.
As mentioned before we would want to catch a bug before it hits customers. That’s one of the reasons we work together :slight_smile:

Sorry you told about Jack Yang?

@AirBalt_FS_George_Ol Sorry - what did you mean?

Jack Yang you sad about him or not?

No not at all - why?

I thank that you told about him

I’m not sure what you mean ?
Jack and I are friends and there are no problems here.
If you mean about the posts I removed from the community - I had to remove them for obvious reasons. No problem.
I don’t know of any telling that you refer to…??

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Oops! Just posted the X1 and X3 160530 firmware updates before reading this thread. I’ll pull them now so you can post them after testing. Sorry about that. Better if you guys do a thorough check first. Glad Jessie will switch over to sending them to you first rather than me. It get’s me out of the loop and back to what I do – making videos! We each have our niche, and I’m more than happy to stay out of the firmware/troubleshooting arena.

@SmartWatch_Ticks thanks mate. You’re right on the money with this comment :+1:
The firmware should always be vetted first before handing it out to people to use.
In this case it’s just as well because the firmware is actually flawed and causes connection instability when switching from cellular to WiFi.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Any way you guys can check the FINOW Q1 firmware without having the watch? I got the 160531 from Jessie and posted it already on YouTube, but it would be easy to pull. I have nothing to compare it to as I don’t have the stock firmware except on the watch.