Please recommend watch supporting double tap to wake originally

I’d like to buy a new watch and the double-tap to wake is the most critical requirement.
I just know Kospet Prime 2.
Please list if you know more.
Many thanks.

Double tap to wake is a feature of the FAW firmware. This is available for Kospet Prime2, Kospet Optimus pro, Lemfo LEM12pro, Lemfo LEM14, Lemfo LEM15 and some related watches.


Thank you very much, you are so professional!

Thanks @G1NT0N1C
But @wukui please remember that only two of these watches are still available for purchase from any reputable retailer.

Also remember that no watch comes with this function as standard.
Our partnership with the Chinese solution provider has enabled us to create a more international firmware which does have double tap to wake function.

So, although it is not used by the brands that sell the product - we have been able to work with the company that makes the operating system.

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Thanks @pablo11
I am going to buy Kospet Prime 2. Hope I can find the right version ROM supporting double-tap to wake on this website.
If any better suggestions please let me know.

@wukui If you can find one - awesome.
Getting difficult to find now as they stopped making them last year.

Factory stock firmware does not support tap to wake but the firmware we made in collaboration with them does.
You can find out more about it here:

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Many thanks @pablo11
You did great work for us full-android-watch fans.