pics taken with the camera, its a overcast day here first one is inside.

pics taken with the camera, its a overcast day here first one is inside.

What camera?

Hi John… I’m a bit “old school” but here’s my modded version…

Paul if you read what post section above it tells you. cheers

Really? It’s a round watch…


Thanks Andrew. I’m on mobile so don’t see any post section…john

Wow, can’t wait to review this puppy. Any chance our clock skins will run on it, too?

pretty nice wuality photos…

Tried the clock skin way and no go, some one said you @SmartWatch_Ticks ​ had done it on a 5.1 as in the q1 is this true.

@john_gully Good pics, before i buy it i want to know if the band in that model can be changed, also does it have water protection ? wich IP level do you know?

No changing bands , not easy anyway, not sure of water, I would guess just hand washing and rain as there are no seals under the back covers.

I like this watch but it look immense. Any chance we can see more shots on the wrist? I have a skinny wrist.

Camera quality looks ace for a watch! Any chance you could try a video call and see if it works?

@john_gully Yes, John, I’ve had great and instant success with clock skins on both the Finow Q1 and No.1 D6, but no luck on the IQI I2. Starting to look like the round Android 5.1ers don’t support it, but the square ones do. Go figure.

@john_gully Have you downloaded the app you mentioned or is it available yet?

What app is that

Did you mention an app for installing watch faces? @john_gully

Oh yes no not ready yet may not even come it depends on how hard it is. @SmartWatch_Ticks ​ do you know the way they can incorporate the clock skin folder way or any one else as the may do it for us as they seem to be listening to what ppl want, I hope.

lol actually impact driver, his partner the drill is in hiding.