Perpetual Motion Visible Movement

wrong section I guess?
This is not for the kw88 …I wish.

Moved in proper section

Yeah I mistakenly put it in the wrong section, thanks for bringing it to my attention guys, and for moving it to where it should be.

Thank you.No chance to try it on watch yet but looks great in CSM

I have tried it. Seems to work fine. Will post a photo.

Just curious, are the rotation rates correct?

The rotation rates are “eyed out” if one were to add correct rotation rates you would barely notice them moving. They are pretty close. You can barely notice them moving now as it is. I tried to get them as close as possible while still being able to see them move a bit. One could always change the gear ratio back to 0 to make the rotation much more defined. I just hope everyone will have some fun with it and enjoy it.