Peanuts Charlie Brown Ice Skating

Hello all,
here’s my first submission in a while. More to come if you like them. I attempted to get a feel for the original animation whilst creating some functionality too. Backdrop is hand drawn by myself in the style of late 70s Peanuts however characters were sourced online but adapted in Photoshop for this build.

Download:Peanuts Charlie Brown


A nice one. I’ve edited your post and added a credit link. Please remember this next time.

Thanks for sharing!


That is a great looking face…and it surely must have taken a good deal of time & effort to get it all to come together. So, as G1NT0N1C said,…Many thanks for sharing it with us! :+1: Cheers, Doons

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Me likey! Thank You!

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Really nice job! I Love Peanuts! :sauropod:

Check out the Snoopy one I did

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