Patek Philippe - 5147G Annual Calendar

Power indicators (+/-) at the top are reversed for accurate readings on the watch skin…





Nice one mate. :+1:Everything on this face works fine on my Kospet Hope with standard launcher. Although the moon phase will most likely not function correctly. But still a nice face! Cheers, Doons

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Thanks, Doon, MP SHOULD work…

Hi Dad, Yes it is moving and appears to be reasonably accurate. I’ll give it another 8 to 10 hours and let you know just how accurate. If it does work fine, that’ll be a big plus for me because then I’ll have some idea of when the crazies are gonna strike! :crazy_face::woozy_face::crazy_face::rofl: Cheers, Doons

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Doons, it rotates through a 24 hour cycle (moon to sun and back)…

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dad is good doubledad means awesome

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Many thanks, I’ve been trying to find special watches…

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Let’s start a thread which we can use like a Pinterest for watches. If mods would agree…

Fantastic work Dad ! Thx a lot :grin:

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Welcome to the community @Ken_Nguyen

hey @doubledad love this work of yours…your a legend…can u update the download link by any chance ?

Here’s the updated link. (Credits were listed in the original post):

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Wow thank you mate…God bless you

Congratulations on the great job, as always! Just a note: I personally would’ve preferred it without the diamond ring. Would it be possible to have this sort of simpler version? Anyway, this one is already great ; )

Anything for a supporter :smiley:

Credit listed in the original post:

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Wow! I really didn’t expect it! Let alone this soon! Thank you, truly, for your time and consideration. It may seem as not a big deal but nowadays, more than ever, I don’t miss the opportunity to cherish the ones who willingly give some of their time (and effort) in behalf of others.

Thank you!