PAS: Hi Everyone. You may have noticed that there has been a little tension

PAS: Hi Everyone.
You may have noticed that there has been a little tension here in the community lately. Well if you did or if you didn’t notice - here’s why.

Some time ago at the beginning of this year, Lokifish Marz opened this community for us because XDA just wasn’t quite what we needed to carry on our work. This community was opened as a place where like mined people can come and share knowledge, ideas and inspiration in regard to Round Android Watches. We also needed an element of control over what was discussed and how it was presented. Hence we made the move to become independent. Now - here we are today with over 1800 members.
To maintain this community we have some rules in place which are freely available for everyone to read before accepting membership here. Unfortunately, lately there has been a little “pushing of the boundaries” and this has caused e few ripples in our generally calm atmosphere.
This announcement is to let you all know that this must stop, and stop now ! We will no longer be entertaining any questions about, or support of “square watches”. Any support or advice offered for these devices will be maintained by us on XDA only.
We will not allow advertising of products here in the community.
We will not tolerate images with explicit language which can be viewed by the community members.
We moderate the forum as we feel necessary and posts will be deleted if needed. Our moderators have a significant task as it is without the need to enter into a dispute about their decisions. So please support them.
We cannot spend time arguing with people who disagree and so if agreement cannot be reached fairly quickly and without fuss - the member who pushes us will be banned.
Of course all of this sounds terribly negative but as a whole it is a great community to be involved in. This community is a wealth of knowledge for everyone to enjoy. The creativity here is amazing and we are only here to encourage and facilitate it. You are the important people here.

I’ve also noticed a steady trickle of new members that seem to think that this is an Android Wear site…

@Alex_Sadov Until it’s too late… :slight_smile:

I came on here a few weeks ago because I am in the market for a new inexpensive round smart watch. I understand and respect your stance, but I would just like to add a few comments. I’m sure I agreed to terms somewhere before I joined, but I don’t remember. That’s become so standard with anything any more that I bet 99% of people will not read it. If there are rules in there that are constantly being broken, it’s probably because people have not seen these rules. I don’t know what else to do but just give out reminders every time rules are broken.
I am a very visual person. If I am interested in something I want to see every picture or video from every single angle. I want to see different variations or colors or whatever option is available. I can respect the fact that you don’t want advertisements sneaking on here, but if someone sees a new picture on some website, I would love to see it. Maybe there’s a way to leave out company info from the pictures. I would like to know where I could purchase these watches too, so company info might come in handy.
Anyway, I appreciate the time you put into hosting this and I doubt I’ll break any of your rules. I look forward to seeing different ideas that help us do what we want with our watches. I do think you will have your hands full moderating it though.

Agree with every word too.

@Andrew_Davis yep - they will have to go as well if they keep coming. It’s enough to focus on with all the new Round Android watches coming on to the market without all the pointless distractions.

@Eric_Brown I appreciate that Eric.
However that particular section was getting saturated with unnecessary pictures which can be found on Aliexpress and elsewhere.
It was an unusual occurrence and it needed to stop.
Thanks for understanding.

I agree to some extent. I don’t know why can’t you just make a sub “thread” on square watches. They are not all that different from round android watches. Just open a new section as it exist for the IQI I2 or the KW88, but for square watches. When I saw @Lokifish_Marz 's “post” about leaving all I could think of was “get a snickers, you’re not you when you’re hungry” :wink: I understand your (moderators in general) frustration with some of the aspects of the community, particularly when it comes to that all that problem with watch faces and copyright. And also with all that “too many photos of the same watch thing”. People, the public wants information. If, on the KW88 section, appears a lot of photos of the KW88, the public won’t complaint, even if it seems publicity. What matters is if the information given is the truth and not just misguided publicity. I have many people to thank for on this community. They helped me a lot. I just think the moderators/owners of the community are taking things too seriously and getting upset with minor things. There is management and then there is micro management. If the people running this community really like what they are doing they should let it flow, and not put a roadblock/dam everytime something they personaly don’t agree with comes up. Keep the peace and special thanks to @SmartWatch_Ticks , @Andrew_Davis , @sonia_sophie_ataunna and @Lokifish_Marz for all the help so far :smiley:

@Bruno_Ferreira_cvigt I know what you mean - it may appear to be “a lot of fuss over nothing” - but when all those little things keep building up it becomes a real PITA.
Anyway - it had to be said and it’s done now.
Glad you like the place and find it helpful - after all that’s why we’re all here :slight_smile:

I know it might be, but all the “tantrums” by the owners/moderators seem to be unrelated to the general sense of the community. I never saw a “maker of watch faces” complaint about their watch faces showing on X watch without consent, I never saw someone conplaint about too many pics of the kw88 on that section, other than the owners of the community. I say, only act on those things when some people complaint. Keep your efforts on testing and developing on the watches themselves. I don’t think the community needs such strict babysitting. I may be wrong though… :wink: It would save you guys a lot of hassle and keep the community free from your “tantrums” :wink: disregard all of this if you don’t agree with me, I am definitly not trying to tell you how to run YOUR community :slight_smile: just giving you my take on all this recent “events”, from a user point of view. Do what you do best. Help, advise, talk to manufactures, redirect users if needed, but keep the hand slapping and rule enforcing to a minimum. :wink:

@Bruno_Ferreira_cvigt it’s all good. That’s why I left this open for comment. We made these decisions as a team and we came here because of the anarchy we wanted to leave behind. As I said - it starts with the little nit picking problems and slowly creeps into an out of control mess.
From a user perspective I understand completely.
Let’s hope this calms down now.

@Andrew_Davis lol :slight_smile:

I agree 100% Just found this site. Great site with lots of knowledge and tips.

Don’t see why Square faced people can’t join in but heyho… can you give me the link to the XDA forum please ?

D6 forum

I understand and support the admins with no question asked… If it where not for this community. I would have been lost with mu watch… Thank you loki and the rest of the admins for a greay job

I understand and agree with the “Round Face Watches Only.” When I go to say a Tesla users website I do not want to wade into or through questions about how to charge a Toyota Prius. I’ll go to the Prius forum for that, thats why they are there. Nor would I ask the Tesla moderator to also moderate a site for Prius’s too. He could have done that if he had any interest in them, but they don’t. Probably because their interest is in “Round Face Watches” not square ones. As for “tantrums”, I would use “Exasperation”, because the moderator knows he or she will have to go through this all over again when enough new people join that it will once again need to be pointed out and then debated. “Keep it round.”

I would say that your not hearing questions about Toyota Prius your hearing question about a different model of Tesla, they both use the same engine.

No - firmware is very different.