Pagani Design model CX-2332 - Men's Sports Waterproof Watch Racing Multifunctional Stopwatch This watch

Pagani Design model CX-2332 - Men’s Sports Waterproof Watch Racing Multifunctional Stopwatch

This watch face is made be me from scratch in Paint Shop Pro.
In the original watch all small dials have chronograph’s functionality - I changed them to:

  • bottom dial → battery level indicator
  • right dial → month number dial
  • top dial → week day dial

It isn’t so easy to find home page :slight_smile: I think this page belongs to the owner of this brand: Redirecting...

Download link:

There are also other colors of this face in original watches: white, yellow, blue. If you are interested in them I can prepare remaining colors.




Very beautiful. Thank you

Great looking watch face!! Many thanks @Jacek_Klodzinski

Looks great, Thanks

Very Nice. With pedometer function it will be more useful

blue color pls

Red would be pretty cool too, if it’s not a bother of course!

Work in garden now. Beatyful weather in Poland today :slight_smile: But in the evening I will make other colors.

Thanks for making this,it looks awesome! :smiley:

@Jacek_Klodzinski Here in Holland we also have lovely weather.

Zaiste, zaje-fajne.

cool face, thank`s


Very nice good work mate