Over the weekend 03-05. 08

Over the weekend 03-05. 08. 2018 I rebuild the Moonwatch “Omega Speedmaster (Referenz 105.012)”

60 sec at position 9
30 sec at position 3
12hours at position 6
Have fun! :slight_smile:


Greetings from Maximilian S. :slight_smile:



Beautiful! What software are you using to make something like this?

@Klaus_Madsen I use “http://paint.net”, ClockSkinMaker and sometimes WatchFaceDesigner (WFD). That is all.
I need 6 til 20 hours to build a watchface.

PS: If anybody knows faster or better tools please give feedback!
Greetings from Maximilian S.:slight_smile:

Ok thanks. So which one do you find best ClockSkinmaker or WatchFaceDesigner?

@Klaus_Madsen I use 40-50% “http://paint.net” and 30-40% “ClockSkinMaker” and 10-30% “WatchFaceDesigner”. I need all this 3 tools to build a watchface. If one tool is missig i need a lot more time to build a watchface. :slight_smile:

Sorry for all my questions but I am new to this but want to learn :slight_smile: So what is it you need ClockSkinMaker for, that you can’t do WatchFaceDesigner? By the way, I’m new to this but not to work with Graphics, I work as a Graphic Designer, so I am quite excited to be able to make some watch faces :slight_smile:

I use the “WatchFaceDesigner” to build parts of the Watchface and I use the ClockSkinMaker to build with the parts a working watchface and test it. (The programs are working on Windows-PCs.)
The output-file from ClockSkinMaker can you copy into your smartwatch in the “Clockskin” directory, if you have a “launcher” in your smartwatch installed it can now display your “new watchface”
Greeting from Maximilian:-)

@max_watchface Great thanks for a good explanation.

Sorry, download link failure.

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Download doesn’t exist anymore, could you fix it please?

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