Over the past 3 months now...I have used:

Over the past 3 months now…I have used:
Zeblaze Blitze
Kingwear KW88
Finow X5
Omate Rise

and previously I had the Tag Connected, Casio, LG Urbane 2

so most of the top collection of smart watches and gave all my luxury watches to my sons.

All of them are gorgeous watches and fun to wear…

the most forgiving and stable watch I have ever seen is the Finow X5…wearing it most of the times because of the SkinMaker App now I will be waiting for a similar watch but really rugged one for water activities and swimming like the Casio.

U spend a lot on watches…huge fan of watch Mr.Khalid Naji. I hv x5, moto 360 2, casio prw 2500t and D5…

Zeblaze Blitz is IP67 is quite rugged

Yes indead…just sharing my experience here.

I’m using the Omate Rise at the moment, and can’t wait the KW88 to be delivered, hopefully this week…

When you say skinmaker app do you mean clockskin maker for Windows or is there an app for watch designs for the X5 now?

Zeblaze and all are IP67…splash only…you must google to know the ratings chart.
Anything below the recent Casio wear watch approved depth is just splash for a number of minutes too.
The true rugged one is the Casio new one but saddly it is missing the HR sensor, 3G connectivity (SIM Card) and most importantly the GPS…otherwise resolution and battery are great.

The most complete one is the LG Urbane 2 …great looking watch, all sensors, great battery and stunning watch faces particularly if you update to Wear 2.0 preview.
And if your service provider does not support number sync…just forward the calles to it while not connected to the mobile…the other notifications comes by difault through 3G connectivity and cloud sync.
Verrrry complete watch by all means and some times I even swim with it and dry after…even open the back case and dry the seal…but it is not for such. Just tried that couple of times.

Kingwear I love it because TAG connected is just useless without SIM…
In fact…having a smart watch to receive calls or other notifications while you carry you mobile is just stupid by all measures… who is looking for double notifications these days and we do not have time during the day…in my opinion and just me…is a complete miss.

It was an industry entrance to consumer to sell new line of gadgets.

Kingwear and Zeblaze system is just copy of each other and works great and both are stylish…just I am waiting for Apps for skin making…we have this already for the X5.

Now the most gorgeous one is the Omate Rise…however, in my opinion still needs few stability debugging efforts to have it stable as the others…but great watch. So I am waiting.
Untill now I have no clue why the company did not include a built-in HR sensor although many smaller watches full native Android have done such.
Also waiting for Skin making App.

So this was a full review…as I started commenting I could not resist giving this review.
Hope you all like it.

Yes I mean CSM App…simple and works for me.

@Khalid_Naji ​ only Zeblaze Is ip67…like miband…the other chinese are ip65
For use it connected Bluetooth as companion device with smartphone…wich Is the best app?

To me I do not connect neither any App nor Google play…i just sync the numbers with my mobile for Zeblaze and Kingwear.
Three reasons:
1- I noticed that all what I need is step counter when going for a walk…so i just use the watch’s pedometer.
2- I need only my phone calls forwarded to me…so this what I do. I can live with other social media and emails while I am walking.
3- I noticed on both watches probably because their GUI is similar and probably the firmwares to an extent that when installing GPlay…after the watch is sleeping for a while and when awake it to make a call both on them…the speaker and mic still at sleep…i do not know why?
Both of them have been updated to new firmwares but never tried installing GPlay untill now to check on such.
I will then I will report.

Generally both of them are great watches due to the full screen or rectangle option in the quick menu…so virtually any App should be Ok.

The only limitation is the skin making on both…so I am waiting.

For IP…check Wikipedia…it got full explaination and google as well. IP67 is not for long time submerging nor beyond 30Mins in most ratings as far as I understood.

@Khalid_Naji you wrote:
I Sync the numbers

What does it mean?

I like the finow x5 very . processing and steel and especially the OLED display .

I read that it is soon to come a x5 plus .


Now the IQI I2 is on top of the list…great watch…no fuss what so ever.

@Khalid_Naji What is the best about GPS?
I have a K18 and is very good!
What I read in this forum Kw88 is not good… right?

All watches to be honest are very good…I2 have been using it for the last month continuously and even traveled with it only and seems to be stable and battery goes full day.
KW88 now with the new watchface cronosurf pro looks very nice watch too.

All of them GPS is very good on satellite or 3g