Orientation chaos using google maps on kospet prime se

Hi community.
I installed the latest google map (v10.47.1) on my kospet prime se and tested it by bike. The result was that the orientation was complete chaos and varied very often, especially at the cross of the road. The GPS location was relatively correct. I guess the orientation jumping was caused by regularly raising the wrist. But it is not possible to keep the watch one position like using a mobile phone when guidance.
Could you please give me some suggestion about using maps on an android watch alone? I don’t like bring a phone when I ride bike, that is why I bought this watch.

Hi . I dont use google maps for tracking but do use this without any problems

Keeps screen on and also uses watches built in heart rate sensor ( activate this first in watch settings under sensors then turn on in app )


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Thanks, Dr Andy.
It’s a good suggestion to use my running app for sports tracking .
But I wonder if there is a suitable version of google map for the watch. I just want get navigation and guidance.