Opening Day April1st

Take me out to the ballgame…


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Nice one doubledad! :+1: :+1: I can assume from this that the Baseball season opens on April 1st? I’ll check it out anyway as I want to start watching more games. I’ll have to get myself a Yankees shirt and start yelling “Kill the Umpire”! Ahhh, sport at it’s best! :crazy_face: :joy: Cheers, Doons

And here I thought you were a cricket fan

Cricket fan? Once yes, when Australia had a reputation for playing fair…but after the Underarm bowling incident…and the cheating disgrace of a few years back…I don’t see that any Aussie has any reason to be particularly proud of, of a fan of, Australian cricket. Cheers, Doons

And I suppose you have abandoned boomerangs I favor of drones?

maybe we could make a boomerang-throwing drone

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As a matter of fact I do fly a drone (As well as several model aircraft) I call it the “Finger mincing terror” on account of how it will make your fingers look like hamburger if you get a little careless! :woozy_face: @noidremained Well, so you are not just a pretty face (As a matter of face most people would say, not even a pretty face! :crazy_face:) A boomerang throwing drone? I like the idea! Although learning how to correctly throw a Boomerang takes quite some time, I know because I can do it. On a side note @doubledad after I had visited the States I sent a person I met over there (And who have become a friend) a Boomerang with instructions on how to throw it. Fast forward two weeks after he got it and I got an e-mail off his wife telling me that he had the entire neighborhood so terrified with his Boomerang throwing efforts that most of them were afraid to go outdoors anymore! So Doons and not Covid, was responsible for the first lockdown in the USA!! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

EDIT: Now it’s only because I think the world of you @noidremained & you @doubledad that I am going to share this link to instructions for people wishing to become professional Boomerang Throwers…

CREDIT: Downtown Music Publishing.

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