Only Dim Mode with UL and watchmaker faces

Good morning Eric and the community,
first a big thank you for this great launcher, and the member for being so active.
I’m coming today with a question, where I could’nt get an answer by the search function and also not on YT.
First to my hard- and software: It’s a Thor plus 4 (the one with the flat tyre), running android 7.1.1, UL the last version (updated last week).
A few days back I started playing with watchmaker faces (*.watch) and found that they are also supported.
And now my question to the community and Eric specifically:
When I choose a watchmaker face, it starts in dim-mode, which I first thought it’s because its night. But the next morning, it still is in the dim-mode.
After rebooting, the "day"version starts, but after 20 sec and going to switch off the screen (as requested in the settings) it reopens in dim mode again.
Is this a problem of my UL settings, or a hickup in the *.watch file.
In dim mode, the dial for seconds is gone and the functions, like stop watch, are off or limited.
Funny is, that one or two faces dont do that, I think because they dont have a dim-face. But that’s just a guess.

Any idea how to bring up the “day-version” of the faces.
Any help is appreciated.
And thanks again for all the work that you people around the world are putting into this topic.

Achim (Windhoek/Namibia)

when double tap, in the setting screen tap the “Dim” in top of the window, it should say Bright

Hi Eric,
thanks for the hint.
It was standing on Dim, so I changed it to bright. It was helping, for 4 seconds.
Than it jumped back to the dim mode. But now with the dial for seconds.
I restarted my Thor, with the same result, also different *.watch faces.
First it starts in bright mode, and after a few seconds it goes back into dim mode.
And when I tap the screen, it switches back to bright mode.
In the UL setting I have activated “always on mode”.


I have now installed a face which does not have a dim face. after rebooting the watch, it appears like the others.
Activated it, the seconds dial is running smooth, and after a few seconds, it switches to jumping from second to second. But at least, the faces is still bright. :wink:

That’s the normal behaviour, when in always on mode, the dim will activate after a few seconds and the speed will slow down to save battery.

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