Only a very small test group but interesting results all the same...

Only a very small test group but interesting results all the same… :slight_smile:

Nice find, thank you

@Ciro_Danise These are the results from mine and SmartWatchTicks (SWT) tests… I thought that they’d be quicker to read in this format :slight_smile:

Sure, they are. Thanks to you an to @SmartWatch_Ticks for your interesting contribution.

I slept through most of it :slight_smile:

Im still new to this floater widget where can i find more info and possible download thanks

Google Play is your best bet… there are several similar apps…

thanks for recording, but sorry - I have to pooh-pooh it. Figures suggest you get a longer battery life with paid-toucher vs nothing installed? Or did the the first two columns get transposed? I know not scientific and dont want to over criticise!

Hi Andy… I believe that the results show that the free version of FT uses power the quickest (blue)… the paid FT (orange) and no FT (green) show a similar power drain… :slight_smile:

The conclusion could be that a paid version (with no ads) is better for your battery life than the free version (with ads)…

Agreed on the last. Im currently reading this months #pcpro
(UK pc mag) which has an article on ad blocking and all the reasons we choose to block; interestingly though, they didnt make a correlation with mobile device battery life.

@Andy_Godber The watches have much smaller batteries, compared to phones and tablets… what might be insignificant on a phone may be dramatic on a watch… we need our own magazine :slight_smile: