One of my first watchfaces. Annoyingly it wasn't compatible with Universal Launcher

One of my first watchfaces. Annoyingly it wasn’t compatible with Universal Launcher. Now it is.
A big thank you to @David_Koren . He give me the permission to use his ingenious second-hand.

Download Universal Launcher:

Download Stocklauncher:
(with a standard second hand)


I found a little hour-bug. I’ll fix it tomorrow. Fixed.

Very nice mate :+1::+1:

Thx, @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 :slight_smile:

Really nice great job :ok_hand::ok_hand:

@bricky_vl Thanks, mate.

@tim_Collins :slight_smile:

I like it. Simple beauty.

Awesome looking face, really clean. Unfortunately the hour text isnt showing up for me (only the minutes). However I am a complete beginner so maybe I am doing something wrong??

@Danny_Weemes Hmm. Which watch do you use?

@G1NT0N1C I have an Allcall W1.

The stocklauncher that comes with the watch or the Universal launcher from the Playstore?

@G1NT0N1C Im using the stock launcher.
I worked out the problem in the end, and it was actually really simple.
I just needed to change the time setting to 12h instead of 24h.
Turns out it didnt like trying to say “Twenty Two Fifty Three”! Working beautifully now though, so thank you!! :smiley:

@Danny_Weemes :slight_smile: you are welcome.