One more time-in-text-Watchface. Colours are changing slowly

One more time-in-text-Watchface. Colours are changing slowly. My own design, so no credits at all.
Should work for x-series, zeblaze etc. Doesn’t work with universal-launcher, sorry. Please set your device to 12h mode.


Very nice
Like this

@G1NT0N1C This face seems to show time with another word behind it on my No1 d5 + watch. It’s shame it looks a great watch face

@Stuart_Proctor your watch screen is 360x360px. This face needs exact 400x400px. It can’t work on your watch, sorry.

@G1NT0N1C ok thanks any chance you can make it for my display size as the last one you made works fine that was similar to this

@Stuart_Proctor The screen resulution of the most of this Android watches is 400×400px. All of my watchfaces that shows the time in textformat, need this resolution. All my other faces will also works in your no1 d5 plus.

@G1NT0N1C Ok thanks

@G1NT0N1C I like how the color slowly changes thank you works great on my Zeblaze Thor Pro.

I like it too. It’s a little bit psychedelic. It’s the perfect one to watch when I can’t find no sleep…:wink: