One More. ( Ciro Danise you like?) :-)

One More. (@Ciro_Danise you like?) :slight_smile:


how to install this?

@ShadowDarkus ​​​, like “install” other ClockSkin. You need copy the folder with files to watch. To inside the folder ClockSkin you have created in your Watch.

That doesn’t work on my Kingwear KW88 why?

Can you guys work out a solution to make this ClockFace an .apk?

Only .apk are allowed on Kingwear KW88.

Hello this is very beautiful, i have finow Q1 i want ask if you can create skin like this cat, but with Wolf and behind moon? :slight_smile:
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Slavomir_Majzel , i’m sorry but the Finow Q1 is with OS 5.1 and I only know how to make for Android 4.4 (by ClockSkinMaker). Try contact the @Martin_Nijhuis maybe he can convert to OS5.1.
I make for OS4.4.

But your skin running in my watch this cat :slight_smile:

Sorry, no, only in D5, K9, X3, X5, K8 and K8 mini.

Try see here in the forum as you can convert.
See the image I create:

missing/deleted image from Google+

Sergio please create this and post here please link :slight_smile: This look really wonderful :slight_smile:

@Slavomir_Majzel Link:

@Sergio_Paulo1 WOW in watch this clockskin look amazing :slight_smile: THANKS :slight_smile:

And i want ask if you know edit numbers color like this? :slight_smile: thanks
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Slavomir_Majzel , for you.

You are amazing :))))) thanks really thanks for create this skins for me :wink: BIG LIKE :clap::ok_hand::+1::+1::+1:

Thanks also @Slavomir_Majzel , I’m glad to see you happy.