Okay, whilst away on holiday i have been having a play around with the

Okay, whilst away on holiday i have been having a play around with the KW88.

Using ES Explorer, within device/system/app/Watchnew/ i have found an app called Watchnew.apk

I transferred this over to my LG G5 via Bluetooth, renamed it to Watchnew.zip and have been able to extract and view all the files!

There are many many watch faces hidden within the KW88 but i am not sure how to enable them. I could try working on it after i return from my holiday but there maybe someone out there who could do a better/quick job than me?

Here are some images…
(qw_04 background included for reference)







What the… ?! I’ve found the same file on my Android 5.1 ZGPAX S99. There appears to be 30 - 40 watchfaces there.

If you check out the community you will see there is already discussion around this. These are in all the watches using this launcher but many are incomplete and there are no configuration files to enable them.
It is and has been a subject of great debate for quite some time. People are working on it and hopefully we will be able to get a hold of these config files soon.

Yes, these watches are just containing same framework published by Mediatek and modded by manufacturers for Faces and generic round watches supporting Android 5.1…

This is why all theses watches are based on the same launcher, as I was mentioned it in my latest posts…