Ok, this is still in WIP fase.

Ok, this is still in WIP fase.

Doing some crazy audio testing on my watchface framework.

This watch is very minimal in timefunction. Just Time and Date.

If you swipe up the record wil start to spin.
Then swipe left the arm wil go over the record. Swipe down and the record will play.
If you DON’T lift the arm before swiping left or right, it will scratch the record.

While the record is spinning the time will also spin.
When the record stops, the time has to stop on the top of the record.

The graphics are ready, now the programming has to be done.

What do you all think, do it or drop it?

Its awesome!!

@tim_Collins Flog it my way. I’ll try to fix it.
What’s wrong with it anyways?

Taking it to the next level, too cool for school!

Good and painless deal @tim_Collins