ok, so ive been working on this face for the last couple of days,

ok, so ive been working on this face for the last couple of days, removing all the markers and trying to enhance some of the graphics, hoping that when uploaded on KW88 it will look crisp. Only issue i have now is adding working markers. I took Kenneth Tan’s advice in looking at the code from another watch and inserting on a face but i had no luck. Kenneth Tan, maybe u’d be interested in finishing this one off? Since you did the other Tag Face, it would look good with the original hour and minute markers.

wow that;s a nice looking watch face. hopefully someone can finish it off so we can put it on the KW88.

It’s really nice.
You need to add reference links to the original design and inspiration in your description. It’s one of the things that keeps us out of trouble with copyright issues.

This is from the welcome page of the community:

4- Respect copyrights and trademarks. You must credit the original maker in your post and provide a link to their work on their website when possible.

My appologies! here is the original timepiece from Tag Heuer, a true masterpiece. I wish i would have found this link earlier and worked on this image rather than the one i spent a few days on. This is a lot clearer/crisper. Maybe i will also work on this one too…


Excellent :slight_smile:

that RRP! wowsers.

All we need now is Kenneth Tan to finish this off for us :slight_smile:

The Cal 36 RS is a really fine watch worth every penny.

Ok, so i edited another photo of the Calibre 36. The fonts are clearer and its a crisper image in general. If anyone decides to help complete this face for us please use this image @Kenneth_Tan , @Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf
missing/deleted image from Google+