Ok. So I'm a Audi owner.

Ok. So I’m a Audi owner. And haven’t come across ant Audi watch faces I really like. So I’m gonna attempt to do some.

Here are some that I’m gonna work on. I also downloaded a bunch of Audi Gauge Cluster Images. I’m gonna attempt the Audi Brand watch, the Tachometer in both Silver and Black and then some custom ones.

Please vote on the photos to which ones I should work on 1st.


Nb 2. Make a ucolor one or at least gray and black. Thanks.

Nb 2?

Just confused on the terms you used.

Number 4 i think

@Kendel_Surette - I love both of these but if I was forced to choose - I would take the one on the right.
missing/deleted image from Google+

I vote for #3 :slight_smile:

Cool. Thanks guys. Gonna start to work on all them will update on which one is in WIP stage.