OK, I'm a little over my head here (again).

OK, I’m a little over my head here (again). Can someone with a bit more expertise check this out and see if we can successfully change the watch screen dpi in a way that allows us to reach those hidden buttons off screen? One of my YouTube viewers, oskyupr, is using this technique successfully. Thanks!

Here’s his comment: “I just followed the instructions if XDA in here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4-verizon/general/root-want-to-modify-dpi-t2960644 …and changed my DPI from 160 (default) to 120. It didn’t showed the entire supposed screen, but it showed enough for me to access what I wanted.”

root : build.prop : ro.sf.lcd_density= number

Ah, trying for an easy solution without rooting that the general public can master. This approach seemed promising.

Okay, I understand, but who has rooted, know how to.

Root what X1 D5 X5 ??

It’s in the FAQ s - gaining root access I mean…

why don’t we just have something similar to viewing images…so you could ‘pinch’ to ‘zoom in and out’ for apps?

Because these tiny screens are not good at multi point touch is my guess. The triple tap to zoom function in accessibility options is ok but I can never get it to work very well. You can get to this menu by using gesture search from the play store. I must admit - if you’re kinda familiar with your device and Android and you are rooted - then by far the best way is to install xposed and use the per app module that Loki has already mentioned. It works very well. UI Tuner is pretty good as well.