OK.. i have tried in mac, acer windows and my watch is not recognize...

OK… i have tried in mac, acer windows and my watch is not recognize… tried with shareit, android transfer etc… what can i do??? is a NO.1 d5+ android 5.1 but when i plug the usb the wtach does not ask about the usb storage

I don’t own a d5+, but maybe on lollipop you must enable data transfer, look at notifications

be honest… if android transfer and shareit not works… i don’t think so is a app problem…i don’t know but this is shit

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You Need to disable the Driver Signature.,i had the Same Problem .once you have Done that and connect your watch it should find it.you can Then reenable the driver http://Signature.It worked for me.

Same in mac?? Because I have a MacBook Pro… the windows pic isnotmine

im not sure about the mac??

How to do in OS ??? Mac

i have the same problom with my d5+. install vcom driver, mtp drivers and nothing helps!!!

i fix it use wifi transfer in your d5+!!!

how to use wifi transfer?

Install in your watch… conect the watch with a wifi convection and conect the pic with the same wifi… then you open the navigator better google crome and write the up number that the app give to you

Oh yes… still is not funny that should take three days in conect my watch with my mac… but if this work… I will use this for ever… right now works perfectly… and I have install more than 20 faces

Nice to see you solved it :+1:

but it’s not the same as connecting the watch with USB cause you can’t flash rom in this method. am i right?

Think so… but I made the last update via OTA last week… every went nice until today… the phone go black… and no start for a while… and suddenly, he start but stoke in the NO1 screen start… no start completely… then I tried for few times… and start again…
Today the Smartwatch did this two times… I am in contact with PayPal for return back it… I think is not in good conditions… I am on the last update …

It only connected once with my X5plus. I will try ist in a different computer today.