Ok, for many of you that hate struggling with the docking cable of the

Ok, for many of you that hate struggling with the docking cable of the KW88.
Here comes the mod of the century!!! ( not really )

Two drops of superglue, twice folding the cable and it’s nicely ( and permanently ) fixed sideways.

That’s a great idea.

I’m keen to hear how you’re progressing with your docking station… :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis Nothing new on that front, no spare time yet.

I think read here it is possible use K88H cable (that can be bought at gearbest) at kw88.
I am right? It is compatible?

No one has a second charger? :slight_smile:

Maybe next week I’ll have a solution to the KW88 spare parts problem. Backplanes, charger cables…

@Kenneth_Tan Any news? :slight_smile:

Kingwear is closed until the 8th of oktober…
I’m having talks with them that parts are whipped with the KW98 that coming this month.
I’m very busy with my photography assignments currently and cannot set up a list with prices of the parts.
I need to make a list that’s affordable, but also covers my expenses.

It looked like Pebble cable is the same as KW88 but unsure if pin connection is the same or not http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Smart-4pin-Waterproof-Magnetic-USB-Charging-Cable-Lead-for-Pebble-Smart-Watch-/131947384298?hash=item1eb8ad4dea:g:rAIAAOSwPCVX4-rq